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MegaHitBucks is a Advertising and Revenue sharing program that provides performance based online marketing for advertisers and members. Our team consists of several years of online marketing experience working with Advertisers, Members, and other advertising networks. Megahitbucks was created under the vision to provide advertisers and other members a top tier experience and unparalleled advertising support.
Today online marketing is challenging, especially with so many new Programs and revenues sharing appearing daily. At Megahitbucks we strive to be the best and provide the best service for our members. We live for Service, we provide Quality, we operate on Ethics, we drive Performance, we are innovators and we leverage Technology. Get into the action NOW and receive consistent cash earnings Up to 7% Daily, let’s MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS.

hourly acccumulations

Our project is backup by strong PHP Script which allows accumulations to be made hourly. weather you assign credits, surf ads, or perform any other thing actions on the website, proper transactions occur upon every hour, so you get paid to your balance hourly, without waiting for the support makes this website a convenient and preferred place for those who want to make money.

prompt payouts

Another great advantage of MegaHitBucks is prompt payouts. It Means that you don't have to wait for a day or even more to have your deposit and profits credited to your account. All Payouts requests are processed Faster and Promptly, You will get your money to your e-wallet faster as soon as you place your payout request via our website member Panel!

Earn up to 130%

Promote whatever you want with our website. it's very easy. just purchase an AdPack for $2 and place your ads which will be seen by thousands of our members. The amount you paid for the AdPack is the same as your deposit, so you will be earning an interest up to 7% every day until you get 130% return of your initial spending. Then your AdPack will expire, but you can buy another and continue advertising and earninf with us. Use of Unique dashboard to track your earnings and manage your Ads.

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Why advertise in MegaHitBucks?
We are an economically sound & research advertising project. We are constantly looking for improved ways to generate renewable advertising through innovative methods Since we have been successful & managed to generate massive profits in this industry we are confident of further expansion. We want to share this profit among our advertisers & members. So we welcome you all to advertise in MegaHitBucks & enjoy the ride of expansion with us!
Affiliate Program
Our affiliate program works by simple principles and it's in 1 level of 10%. You only need to open an account at MEGAHITBUCKS.COM and you will automatically join our affiliate program. All you have to do is share our project idea with others, via sharing your affiliate link available in your personal account.
All MEGAHITBUCKS.COM members can participate in our one-level affiliate program. No minimum quantity of invited users required and the affiliate
We are doing our best to ensure maximum safety to our clients. Our website is strongly protected against DDoS, hackers and other known or perspective threats. However, your safety also greatly depends on what you do, so follow a few simple rules to stay protected at all times: don't disclose your login data to anyone; change your passwords regularly; ignore e-mail messages asking you to login on our website - we never ask you to provide your credentials to us.
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GET 1% everyday for 600 Days
GET 1% everyday for 600 Days
GET 1% everyday for 600 Days
GET 1% everyday for 600 Days
GET 1% everyday for 600 Days
GET 1% everyday for 600 Days